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Here are some examples of what to expect when you start using pirch (click on the picture for more information about any item):



Channel name:

This is where the channel name, channel topic, and channel mode is displayed. All channel names begin with a # (almost all, but you won't be likely to see any which don't start with a #). The modes that you are most likey to see are:

+n - No messages from outside the channel are allowed into the channel
+t - only people with ops can change the channel topic
+m - moderated (ops can speak, and people who are given "voice" by ops can speak)
+i - only people invited into the channel can join



Channel text:

This is the text and actions of the conversation that is going on between the people in the channel. When you type comments to the channel, they appear here. Actions typed with the /me command appear in light blue. Joins and parts from the channel are displayed in green. Quits from irc are displayed in dark blue. Private messages are displayed in red.



Nick List:

This is a list of everyone in the channel with you. If there is a @ before a nick, this means that that person is a channel op. Channel ops have the power to set the channel topic, moderate the discussion (if necessary), and kick or ban people from the channel.



Channel input:

This is where you type commands for the channel (or the server that you are connected to) or text that you want sent to the channel. All commands start with a / which distinguishes them from text for the channel.



Server input:

This is where you type commands for the server that you are connected to. Anything typed here that is not a command (i.e. does not start with a /) will simply result in an error message.




Popups are commands that are available using the mouse in addition to a typed command. You access popups by clicking on the right mouse button. The popup menu displayed in the picture is the menu for the nick list - simply right-click on a nick in the nick list. There are other popup menus that can be activated in the channel window or server window. It is possible to customize the popup menus (either add or remove some items) by using the "Popups" button at the top of the screen. The popup menu displayed has had several items added to the default items provided by pirch.



Window tabs:

Window tabs are used to navigate between open windows. All channels that you have joined, private conversations which you are having, and servers that you have logged into will have separate windows. Simply click on the tab for the window which you want to view, and that window will be brought to the front.