The beginner's guide to installing an irc client:

After watching great and hysterical flailing, gnashing of teeth, and wailing from irc newbies on DSOUTH-L, it has become apparent that there is a need for a set of step by step instructions for downloading and installing an irc client. These instructions are meant only as a first step in getting onto irc and cover only the installation of pirch for Windows 3.x and Win95 or ircle for Mac over a PPP/SLIP connection. Information on other irc clients can be found in the FAQ. Information on connecting from an online service can be found on the FAQ. Information on the cardinal sins not to commit on irc, consult the FAQ. Information on irc commands can be found in the FAQ. Are you seeing a trend yet? These instructions assume that you have a little basic knowledge - namely, how to create a directory on your hard drive and use File Manager (Windows 3.x) or Windows Explorer (Win95).

Without further ado, pick your operating system:

Windows 3.x | Win95 | Mac