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You heard the rumors, and they're all true (well, the true ones - you know which ones I mean). It looks like David Marciano will only be back for small parts in a few eps this season. A few very good eps. The promising news is that part of the reason that he'll only be back for a few eps is because he has a deal with CBS for a pilot! With any luck, we'll be seeing much more of him soon. In other news, there'll be a few new characters. Callum Keith Rennie (as Stanley Kowalski) and Tom Melissis (as Thomas E. Dewey) are joining the cast as members of the CPD. Good luck, guys!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Scott's new show (OK, technically it's not Scott's show in the sense that he owns it or anything, but he is working on it, so sit your behind in front of the tube and show some appreciation), La Femme Nikita, will be debuting on the USA cable channel on 13 January 1997 at 10pm EST, and it'll be on every Monday thereafter (God willing). Be there or be square! Oh, and in the same sense as it's not Scott's show, it's also not Jill Carter's (Script Supervisor), Pam Delaney's (Post Supervisor), David B. Thompson's (Editor), Eric Goddard's (Editor - who did the eps #2, 4, 6 and is now on another project), Paul Rubenstein's (Post Assistant), Mitch Holmes's (Grip - probably maybe), Alan Ormerod's and the rest of "The Sound Dogs" who do the sound editing, Michael Meade's (Props Buyer), and some of the hair and makeup people from Due South.

IT'S BAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right. Just when you thought it was safe to watch the idiot box again, 'Due South' goes back into production. Yeehaw!!!! Watch for it in Canada, the UK, France, and Germany.... and coming soon to a station near you. It's been picked up for syndication in the US, so watch your local listings! Check out the press release and the New York News article and the other press release.


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