'Due South' Webrings
Art credits: Kari Eissinger, a.k.a. Dueser

What is the Sam Browne Belt, the DUESERING, and "Due South"?

I'll start with "Due South". Quite simply, "Due South" is a television program. Or so it appears to the casual observer. To a true Dueser, "Due South" provides a tragicomic perspective on Canadian-American relations, modern society, and the human condition. And it has some good looking men in it. You can find a slightly more mundane description at William Rydbom's site.

A Sam Browne belt is an officer's belt with a diagonal strap across the right shoulder, designed to carry the weight of a pistol or sword. A Sam Browne belt is a rather prominent part of Fraser's dress RCMP uniform, and has lent its name to our web ring: the Sam Browne Belt.

Photo montage thanks to Kari Eissinger