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1.2 How do I get on IRC?


1.2.1 AOL

I don't use AOL, but instructions for getting to irc from AOL are on the web.

The basic things you'll need to know as far as connecting from AOL are:

  1. Connect to for Efnet or for Undernet (these are your only choices)
  2. Enter your ID (handle) in all lowercase when connecting to Efnet and for your ident in your irc client.
  3. Use a 16-bit irc client (I'd recommend pirch or mIRC). If you want, you can follow the instructions for installing pirch on Windows 3.x (instructions for the 16 bit client) that I have written.


1.2.2 CompuServe

There are two different kinds of chat available to CompuServe Users: conferences in CompuServe forums and IRC. There are "Due South" chats available on both. To get from CompuServe to IRC, you need to use the winsock from the CompuServe Internet Dialer (CID) - just check the Winsock Connection in the CID. Then, you need to download an IRC client - several are detailed in this FAQ and further installation instructions are included here. It is possible to be in both IRC and the CompuServe forum at the same time. The CompuServe forum meets at 9PM Eastern Time (New York City/ Toronto) on Friday nights in the ETV Forum, Room 3.
[Information thanks to Tracy K. Wightman and Diana Talabac]


1.2.3 Prodigy

Unknown as of 9 January 1997. It appears, however, that Prodigy is affiliated with something called "Access Net Direct" which will allow a direct Internet connection for the rate of $1/hour. Contact Prodigy and/or Access Net Direct for more information ( ).


1.2.4 Microsoft Network

To access IRC though the Microsoft Network, you need to make sure you have an account with full Internet access. To check whether or not you have full access, do the following: Click on the MSN icon, Click "Setup", Click "Dialing Properties", make sure that the selection says Microsoft Network and the Internet. Once you have a full Internet account (this is not available in all cities), you can use any regular IRC client. Some are described below and instructions for client installation are included here.
[Information thanks to Nicole Parrot]


1.2.5 AT&T/Worldnet

Download an IRC client from the list below (or follow the irc client installation instructions), install it, and select a server to connect to.


1.2.6 Delphi

Unknown as of 9 January 1997.


1.2.7 GEnie

Unknown as of 9 January 1997. However, it appears that GEnie does not support IRC at this time. It does, however, support telnet. See the Internet Service Providers section of this FAQ to find out about gaining access to a shell account through telnet in order to get on IRC.


1.2.8 Internet Service Providers

These include traditional commercial Internet Service Providers as well as Universities, businesses, etc. who maintain Internet access for their users. The easiest way to access IRC on most of these is to set up a PPP or SLIP connection to your service provider and then find an IRC client program that you like (instructions on downloading and installing a client are available) in order to chat. Clients come in various flavors, though it is easiest to find Windows or Mac clients. If you do not have this connection already set up, consult your provider on the protocols necessary to do so.

If your ISP doesn't allow IRCing from where you are, there is the alternative of getting a UNIX/shell account. In order to use this, you must be able to telnet from your existing setup. Some shell account options are: