The gang's all here.......


IWAT: (No relation to the famed Kiwi prostitute) A dedicated cow lover, she will do anything for Tootsie Rolls and cows, or even, say, cows, or bovines, or milk factories or beef on the hoof. And, boy, is she cuuuuuuuuute (she's the one on the right)!

hollyds: Don't mess with her, she's got a pointed stick!

misscleo: An Internet provider to the stars, a ninja feline from the side, and the official civilian liaison between the RCMP and the USN JAG office face on. Dangerous with a camera, scanner, and computer.

gabs: She of the two heads and the Big Mac Attack.

Mir1: You loved her in "The Birth of a Nation", now see her in #duesouth! She's 137 and still feisty! Recently named a Due South fairy in a touching ceremony in which delicate gossamer wings were securely duct taped to her back, and she was given a large bag of pixie dust.

fmouse: The wily field mouse. She sneaks in through a hole she gnawed in the corner, and tries desperately to avoid being devoured by lag rats.

Lillian: Mountie hunter extraordinaire - always prepared, right down to the handcuffs. Ask about the tattoo and the Musical Ride and the Mounters.

RedSuitsU: Which you would see if only you could see Red. MIA.

atqh: Expert driver, Muse, fictioneer.

AnnieK: Beware the Canadanadanadaphile! For she is possessed of the righteous fire, and she shall smite the unbeliever with a defunct mustelid until they be unconscious! And she shall stay by them in their sleep until they rouse, and return them to the inky darnkess once more!

Ches: She of the camouflaged appliances. Easily identified since all that can be seen of her is her smile as she bounces about the channel leaving mayhem in her path as she scampers back to the Land of Makebelieve.

Aloha: Sometimes pretends to be a car, and should be humored at such times so as not to destroy the grand illusion.

gdh & Dy: The paired FINGers. The meeting of the lands of potatoes on the east and the west of the pond.

MsFraser: Do not let the pseudonym fool you! She is the jedi of jazz, and she bestows her arcane knowledge on #duesouth.

WRabbit & Irn-Bru: Orange fizzy furry things. In skirts.

Otter: Has been known to excited upon seeing Elvis wearing earrings and driving the Riv over a waterfall.

aPuffin: A silly sea bird

Dueser: Cheeseheads, cheeseheads, roly poly cheeseheads....

Carri: Hockey guru and triviaster

Vecchio: The long arm of the Chicago law.

Erin_A: Taco Queen and Cherry Princess.

Polly: Mad mistress of many things adhesive.


And, of course, the #ds dwarves:
Sticky, Itchy, Paranoid, Dysfunctional, and Duct Tape