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Some of the more active members of DS-L, some of the less active members of DS-L, and some folks we dragged in off the streets. We even have a list of some of them.


We meet to discuss DS, drool over PG/DM/CS/L/RM/CKR/D/whoever, hang out and chat aimlessly about what we're up to, and basically have fun. And not ever to troll for cybernookie.


Once upon a time, there were officially sanctioned meeting times. No longer. Some of the better times to drop by are:

  • Mon.-Fri. Noon (NYC/TO), 5PM (London), 3AM (Sydney)
    -to see the UK crowd
  • Mon.-Fri. 8PM (NYC/TO), 1AM (London), 11AM (Sydney)
    -to see the N. American crowd
  • Sat.-Sun. 7PM (NYC/TO), Midnight (London), 10AM (Sydney)
    -though you will find a few people on at almost any time during the weekend
  • There are usually at least 5-6 people in the channel during these times, and the chat may last for up to 4-5 hours with people passing in and out.
  • Drop by almost any hour, day or night, and you have a pretty good chance of seeing someone in the channel.


Efnet has the busiest #duesouth channel, though there are #duesouth channels on Dalnet and Undernet as well. This FAQ deals exclusively with the Efnet channel.


Because we like you. Yes, seriously. The folks who hang out in #duesouth have a lot of fun, get to know people from all over the place, and basically hang out like the bunch of friends they are. Think of the tv show "Friends" with less swanky coffee and pretty clothes, but more conversations about duct tape, Mounties, chocolate, puffins, swooning, politics, HTML, and peaches.


12 June 1997